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Finding Feral

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Finding Feral

Finding feral
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  • Learn the most effective methods to deal with grief that guided me in reclaiming my life.
  • Enable yourself to have total freedom and control over your life.
  • Discover a story of triumph over depression and brokenness.
  • Explore ways you can live your life to the fullest.

I struggled with the loss of my mother at a young age. This book is my personal experience of coming to terms with that loss through various methods such as art therapy and exploring nature.

Losing a loved one can be devastating and finding ways to heal from this trauma can be difficult.

A book about love, loss, hurting, the healing power of nature, and art expression.

Learn how to heal from trauma, process grief, and use creative expression to claim yourself and improve your mental health.

Explore nature as a grounding.

I want to share my experience of healing from trauma and grief to help people get through any traumatic experience that life throws at them.

I would greatly appreciate if you purchase my e-book as it will help fund the publishing of a second book I am currently writing.

please enjoy this book and I hope you can learn from my experience!

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